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What are the roof slates made of?

100% recycled P.E. Resins with additives, colouring, and UV Inhibitors.

Are the Eco slates lightweight?

The Eco Slates are extremely lightweight in comparison with most other options. On average
a square metre will weigh less than 12kg.

How are they installed?

Depending on pitch the number of slates you will need will vary from 17 to 22 slates per square metre, however for all normal situations the installation procedure is the same, please see our Installation Guide on our Specification page.

The slates seem very flexible, how do they hold up in strong wind conditions?

The slates have been tested in winds up to 110mph and therefore the wind causes no

What type of nail should I use during installation?

Relevant size 9.5mm head, copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails are recommended.

Does the colour fade?

Over the 50 year warranty expect a variable colour change; however the UV Inhibitors ensure they
are extremely fade resistant.

Do you sell caps and ridge slates?

No, the slate is flexible so can be used for all the valley, cap and ridge areas.

Do the slates get brittle in the sun?

No, the slates have UV Inhibitors built in them to protect against harmful UV rays.

Do you need to use underlay during installation?

Yes, we recommend using a breathable membrane.

Can the slates be cut for angles?

Yes, a Stanley knife blade or any other cutting equipment will cut the slate.

How are the slates packaged?

The slates are packaged in boxes of 34.

Do the slates need to be stored indoors or outdoors?

We recommend indoor storage, as the slates are packaged in cardboard boxes.

What fire rating do they have?

Class ‘A’ fire rating; see the specification page for full test certificates.

Will the slates damage during hail storms?

No, the slates have been given a class 4 impact rating; see the specification page
for full test certificates.

Will there be any noise problems during heavy rain or hail?

No, the slates are solid and not hollow, so the noise is kept at a minimum.

How many slates do you get to a square metre?

17 slates on average per square metre for a pitch of 20 to 45 degrees. 7 slates per linear metre for valleys and ridges and 3 slates per linear metre for verges.

What is the cost of the slates?

Please contact our sales office or your nearest local stockist, see our contact page.

What guarantee do the slates have?

The slates have a 50-year non-prorated warranty from the manufacturer which covers all roof pitches between 10 and 45 degrees when installed acccording to the manufacturers instructions

How many slates will I need if the pitch of my roof is below 20 degrees?

Roof pitches between 15-20 degrees require on average 19 slates per square metre.
Roof pitches between 10-15 degrees require on average 22 slates per square metre.
Please contact the office if you require further information.

If the pitch of my roof is below 20 degrees and needs flashing, how is the slate fitted?

The Eco Slates are very flexible, therefore can be fitted to a vertical, enabling cap flashing to be dressed over it. Ensure flashing lap is sufficient for adequate weatherproofing. For pitches below 20 degrees it is highly recommended to use the Eco Slates for flashing; If not then it is imperative to ensure existing flashing is sealed to the Eco Slates.

What is EcoDecking?

EcoDecking is a virtually maintenance free replacement for wood, concrete or metal used in the construction industry. Composite lumber looks and feels just like wood. EcoDecking is a permanately coloured product that will not splinter, crumble, rot or be eaten by insects.

Does EcoDecking composite come in standard sizes and lengths?

We can supply a wide variety of different sized lengths, the maximum being 5.4 Metres. We offer the standard deck board with the new hidden fastener system, providing a clean finish with no nails or screws showing.

Is EcoDecking really maintenance and paint free?

Yes! The EcoDecking colour is all the way through the material. Because EcoDecking sheds water naturally, it never needs waterproofing, painting, staining and will never rot, crack, decay, split or splinter. When installed correctly there will be no maintenance other than periodic cleaning.

What colours can i choose from?

Our standard colours are Light Grey, Teak, Walnut & Antique.

How strong is EcoDecking?

EcoDecking is produced with a proprietary blend of plastic and cellulose fibre. The cellulose fibre contained in EcoDecking does not allow the amount of water absorption experienced by the wood contained in most composite materials. EcoDecking has many superior features than most of the competitors brands. For further design characteristics of EcoDecking, consult our ASTM test results.

What will occur if a chemical is spilled on EcoDecking?

EcoDecking composite is produced with a non-chemical reactive polymer base. This is
The same plastic used to hold chemicals found in your local grocery store. Any chemical must be removed immediately to prevent the cellulose fibre from staining.

When the sun is beaming down on EcoDecking composite lumber, will it be too hot to walk on?

EcoDecking in direct sunlight: the darker colours will be 20°f hotter than the ambient temperature. Teak and grey run about 10°f-15°f hotter than ambient temperature. Remember if EcoDecking is in the shade, it will not be any hotter than the temperature of the air.

Will EcoDecking colour fade because of exposure to the sun?

Ultra-Violet inhibitors have been added to EcoDecking to reduce colour fading due to extensive sun exposure. A slight change in colour will occur but will retain this lighter shade through out the life of the product. Please refer to the colour chart for colour changes.

Does EcoDecking break, melt or burn?

Under normal conditions and use, cold or hot temperatures will not affect EcoDecking composite. EcoDecking will soften at 180°f with a melting point of 380°f. No product distortions or damage will occur within the service temperature range of – 100°f to 125°f. It has a higher kindling point than wood; it is self extinguishing when the flame is removed. Composite, like wood, will burn when exposed to a continuous combustion source. Please be careful of charcoal ash and embers, use a flame retardant pad below your charcoal barbeque.

Does EcoDecking really last for ever?

Almost! EcoDecking uses the highest quality preprocessed components with the right amount of UV, anti-fungal guards and colour fast additives. EcoDecking is engineered to last a long time, engineers estimate it will last well past the warranty with minimal degradation. EcoDecking offers a 20 year warranty. You can order with confidence knowing that EcoDecking will be there before, during and after the sale. EcoDecking is true freedom from the hassles of traditional wood products.

Does EcoDecking composite cost more than wood?

No! When you consider the time you spend selecting quality pieces of wood for your project, finishing the wood, painting the wood, pressure washing and preservative treatments , and finally fixing splinters and refinishing after a few years, you are really saving money and time by purchasing EcoDecking composite lumber!

Does EcoDecking add long term value to my home?

If you should sell your home, EcoDecking composite provides the same warranty coverage for the new owners. You will not have to spend money and time to clean, seal and repair EcoDecking composite to make it ready for the new owner.

What can i build with EcoDecking composite?

EcoDecking is used for deck surfaces, handicapped access ramps, railing, balusters, benches, gazebos, swings and much more. Premium grade composite will produce the finest results to all your outdoor projects.

Does EcoDecking work like wood?

You can cut, nail, drill, screw, route & fasten EcoDecking with standard woodworking tools.

Will nails and screws pull out like wood?

No EcoDecking composite lumber holds nails 90% better than wood and holds screws 50% better than wood. You do not have to worry about EcoDecking warping, twisting and waning like traditional wood products, once you install the decking, it will not move upward pulling screws and nails from the wood substructure. Water and mildew that may seep into the nail or screw hole will not damage the inside of EcoDecking like wood.

Is EcoDecking slippery when wet?

EcoDecking simulated wood grain surface provides an excellent surface wet or dry. The addition of cellulose fibre to EcoDecking increases the surface area of contact when wet and can even provide a non-slip surface for leather soled shoes. Naval installations prefer EcoDecking in continual water contact than any other wood composite.

How much will EcoDecking composite lumber expand and contract?

Linear expansion and contraction must be considered when installing EcoDecking. An 8’ length of EcoDecking will expand up to 1/8” with a 50° temperature change. For example if the deck boards were installed at 50°f and the deck temperature rises to 100°f the board will grow 1/8”. Be careful when you install EcoDecking against immovable objects such as the house or rails. To calculate expansion and contraction use the following formula : 0.00007 X length of board in inches x degree (°f) of temperature change = inches of expansion or contraction in length of the board.

Is EcoDecking composite impervious to mould?

EcoDecking has anti-fugal guards added during formulation and has an additional surface coating to provide superior protection.

Is EcoDecking composite lumber an environmentally sound product?

First, EcoDecking composite lumber; made from recovered plastics that would otherwise be landfilled.
Second, EcoDecking will not contaminate the soil because it is non porous and contains none of the chemical hazards associated with pressure treated and crested lumber.
Third, EcoDecking ‘s manufacturing process is a clean, extrusion process requiring less power to produce than a board from wood.
Fourth, the use of EcoDecking composite over natural lumber saves trees and forests. Finally, EcoDecking composite lumber is 100% recyclable.

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